Connor Skibeness

Digital nomad - Wellbeing Researcher - Hammock lover

Your next pet, plant, and house-sitter

Hi, I'm Connor

As an animal lover and digital nomad, I began pet-sitting long before websites like Trusted House-Sitters came into existence.

I’ve lived in seven countries around the world, often helping out in exchange for accommodation, such as:

  • Dog-sitting in Guatemala while learning Spanish
  • Child-sitting (nanny) in France while learning to ski
  • And plant-sitting (gardener) in Switzerland while finishing my masters in Behavioral Science.

I know what it is like to have a stranger living in your home!

I've hosted over 30 people from around the world, in my home, for free, via

I've also stayed in 30 homes around the world.

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“Connor is a delightful host! I had a wonderful time visiting Buenos Aires and I slept soundly for three nights on the couch (which is very comfy for a 5’5 person) and was warmly treated the entire time. Connor is a very kind, helpful and interesting person to get to know. I would definitely recommend staying with him!” -Willow, 2019

Favorite Experiences

References for each of these experiences are available upon request.

That's all, folks!

If you think me & your home/pet are a good match, I look forward to hearing from you!

Before accepting any exchange, I always have a quick call to set expectations and understand the details of our exchange.

References available upon request for the pets shown above!